City Dog Strut


We know that face. It shows up when you leave for work each morning. Droopy eyes avoid contact. A limp tail falls with disappointment. It’s as if that pup of yours had just received some devastating news: Mom’s leaving for the day.

Choose City Dog Strut, Brooklyn’s prestige dog walking and training service. We offer a GPS tracking system so you can know when and where your pup was walked!!

City Dog Strut serves Park Slope, Prospect Heights, and Downtown Brooklyn for dog walking services. We travel beyond these ‘hoods for personal dog training sessions.

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Contact Us

We’re probably out walking dogs right now, so the best way to reach us is either by phone or email:

Phone: 917.557.9402


We don’t have retail location (yet) because the rent is too damn high.

If you're interested in starting new service or just want to vent about how cats get way too much attention on the Internet, please do so right here:

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Gabe and his dog, Ralphie

Gabe and his dog, Ralphie