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We know that face. It shows up when you leave for work each morning. Droopy eyes avoid contact. A limp tail falls with disappointment. It’s as if that pup of yours had just received some devastating news: Mom’s leaving for the day.

Choose City Dog Strut, Brooklyn’s prestige dog walking and training service. We offer a GPS tracking system so you can know when and where your pup was walked!!

City Dog Strut serves Park Slope, Prospect Heights, and Downtown Brooklyn for dog walking services. We travel beyond these ‘hoods for personal dog training sessions.

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Personal Dog Training Services



                            (We use humane, innovative, and practical non-aversive techniques)

My philosophy is to create peace and harmony between dogs and humans. Being aware of our body language, energy, self control, as well as understanding dog cues has a great impact on our relationship with our animals. Body language is their language and it’s our language too. Acknowledging them and talking to them in a language they understand shows respect and creates strong foundation of trust and understanding.

My job is to remind people to reconnect with these innate and intuitive communication skills. I differentiate between bonding and communication versus training and conditioning, but integrate both of them in my work as explained below.

All training sessions are led by Gabriel Riesco. See Gabe in action and listen to his not-so-American accent and you’ll understand why some people call him “Brooklyn’s Dog Whisper,” however we’d never dream of calling him that for risk of getting sued. We use humane, practical none aversive techniques. 

SerSome common training focuses include::

  •   Basic obedience and advanced commands

  •  Puppy training

  • Introducing newborn baby to home with dog

  • Fears, separation anxiety, and phobias

  • Aggression (fear, territorial issues, dominance, leash aggression, human aggression)

  •   Socializing aggressive dogs with other dogs  

  • Excessive barking

  • Any other behavioral or socialization issues

Difference between bonding/communicating and training/conditioning

Bonding/communicating and training/conditioning are two very different concepts that are easy to misunderstand or misapply.

- Bonding / communicating with your dog means using energy and body language, most oftenin silence.

- Training / conditioning  means teaching the dog human language and cues to condition the dog to obey certain commands using positive reinforcement (treats, toys, play etc).

 Both are necessary for a balanced, rewarding relationship between dog and owner, as well as within a community of dogs, and we offer a variety of services to achieve that goal. 

On all paws now. Let’s do this!

A minimum of three sessions is recommended for dog training to foster a sense of commitment and investment and to allow you to access your own intuitive communication skills

All sessions are private and tailored custom to your dog’s needs (in-person, not via FaceTime or Google Hangout). If we need to get other dogs involved, we have some on speed dial.


90 minute in-person private sessions are $200 each


3 session package $520

5 session package $890

(Packages expire in 1 year)


We understand that every situation is unique.  Get in touch to develop a custom program that suits your needs and schedule a doggy training sesh with Gabe today.

Before I met [Gabe], I tried everything that I “knew” to try to reduce my 7-year-old dog’s anxiety. From leash aggression to manic energy, neither my dog nor I had a peaceful, relaxed existence. Luckily, a coworker recommended City Dog Strut...If you are looking to address behavioral issues with your dog, I highly recommend Gabriel. Meeting him seriously changed my life.
— Emily B. (Brooklyn)

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