City Dog Strut


We know that face. It shows up when you leave for work each morning. Droopy eyes avoid contact. A limp tail falls with disappointment. It’s as if that pup of yours had just received some devastating news: Mom’s leaving for the day.

Choose City Dog Strut, Brooklyn’s prestige dog walking and training service. We offer a GPS tracking system so you can know when and where your pup was walked!!

City Dog Strut serves Park Slope, Prospect Heights, and Downtown Brooklyn for dog walking services. We travel beyond these ‘hoods for personal dog training sessions.

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Sometimes Asked Questions

What are the primary factors I should look for when choosing a dog walking service?
Most importantly: is the firm a legit business (like City Dog Strut) or is it an individual who’s looking to make an extra buck and isn’t qualified to babysit? Does the firm carry insurance in case something happened? What are others saying about the company on sites like Yelp?

How will I know that my pooch has been walked?
City Dog Strut uses technology from the future to prove that we do what we say. Not that it was ever really a concern of yours, but we have a super fancy system that uses GPS to track walks provided to your pup. When we pick up your dog, we initiate our system via mobile phone. It then tracks our route and when we’re done, it prepares a pretty report that is sent your way with a map showing where we went and how long we were out. 

We’re honest walkers and we think it’s important to keep you informed about where we go and when. And pssst, chances are that “other guy” doesn’t have such a system.

Where in Brooklyn do you guys serve for dog walking?
We currently serve Park Slope, Prospect Heights , Fort Green and  Williamsburg . Live outside of these neighborhoods? Still contact us and we’ll see what we might be able to do. We are expanding to other neighborhoods.

I live outside of Brooklyn, but desperately need a dog training session with Gabe. Can you hook a sistah up?
Yes! For training, Gabe is happy to travel anywhere within Brooklyn, Manhattan, and western Long Island, and some parts of Queens. *Prices are subject to change based on distance of travel.


Are dogs walked in packs or solo?
As often as possible, we walk in groups of 3- 5. We do this because all dogs, whether they are herders or companions, hunters or snugglers, share in common one primal need and activity: the walk. In their natural state, dogs live, migrate, and walk in packs. Some city dogs forget how to be dogs because they spend most of their time with humans. Would you want your child to be the only kid in his classroom? Then why would you isolate your own animal?

We know how to make it work (you’ve probably noticed us in Prospect Park or on the streets). Our vision is to make neighborhoods friendlier by socializing dogs that live across the street or down the hall, creating a community instead of a battlefield.

Please note that City Dog Strut does provide solo walks for pups with special needs (injury, special instructions from your veterinarian, etc.).

God forbid, but what sort of insurance does City Dog Strut carry?
City Dog Strut is fully insured and bonded. Our walkers are too. So there.

How are cancellations or schedule changes handled?
Cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance of a scheduled walk. Even if you must cancel within the 24 hour window, please contact us and let us know.

What payment methods do you accept and what are my options for paying?
We accept all major credit cards (except AMEX) via online payments. Neither cash nor check is ever accepted for walking services. Cash and check is accepted for dog training sessions.

What if I’d like to leave a compliment about a City Dog Strut walker?
We’d love that! You may do so on YELP or Google Reviews. Also be sure to follow us on Instagram. That’s the primary network we keep updated.

I totally need to tell my friends about City Dog Strut! Is there a referral program?
We love referrals! And yes, we will provide a $50 credit toward City Dog Strut services after a new dog has strutted with us for five sessions or one training session. Just be sure to have your referral reference you when they reach out to get started (not three months later).

Can you recommend some great jazz clubs?
Absolutely. Email Gabe and he’ll hook you up.